BetterLife intends to start a clinical trial utilizing TD-0148A in 2022 focused on: MDD / TRD (Major Depressive Disorder, or Treatment Resistant Depression, depending on jurisdiction.)

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BetterLife is at pre-clinical stage of development for the potential treatment of benzodiazepine dependency, anxiety and spasticity.


BetterLife is planning clinical trials of AP-003 to test the efficacy of IFNa2b for treatment of COVID-19. AP-003 is being developed as a novel interferon alpha2b (IFNa2b) inhalation formulation.

IFNa2b has been used to treat COVID 19 in China.² Subject to receiving marketing authorization, AP-003 could potentially be used to treat patients early after COVID 19 infection which may potentially prevent the progression to severe disease and need for hospitalization.³

  1. Through its wholly-owned
    subsidiary, Altum Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  2. Dong et al, 2020; Lu, 2020; Shen & Yang, 2020; Zhou et al, 2020
  3. Altum Clin Protocol ALT 003 COV 01 2020 04 30

If successful in clinical trials, AP-003 may potentially be positioned as an initial treatment for COVID 19 and similar viruses.

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BetterLife has assembled a highly experienced management team that has clinical, commercial, product development and financial experience