Pipeline Overview

Pipeline Objectives

Driven by accomplished research and scientific teams, BetterLife’s drug development program has compelling non-hallucinogenic psychedelics that can create solutions for unmet Neuro Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders.

Our commitment, from inception to reception, is to deliver patient-centric medicines rooted on solid pharmacological principles and processes that deliver results.

Clinical Process

Study Design

Customized & Protocol Based

Drug Development

Proactive & Data Driven

Trial Execution

Transparent & Compliant

Regulatory Submission

Complete & Timely

Pipeline Program

We are developing and commercializing 2nd Generation Psychedelic compounds to treat the vast landscape of mental and behavioral disorders. We let the science and discovery lead us to the challenges. Our unwavering patient-centric focus will drive us to the solutions.

Compound Name: BETR-001

Product Name: 2-Bromo-LSD

Delivery: Oral Capsule

Description: A non-hallucinogenic second-generation Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (“LSD”) derivative molecule that mimics the projected therapeutic potential of LSD in the treatment of disorders such as depression (MDD & TRD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”), Cluster Headaches (CH), and Migraines.

IP: Proprietary Synthesis (Issued) and Method of Use (Pending)

  • Issued IP: SynthesisBetterLife’s synthesis patent for 2-Bromo-LSD eliminates regulatory hurdles. BETR-001 is an unregulated, unscheduled molecule, with no legal barriers to surmount.
  • Filed IP (pending): Method of Use Filing covers treatment of MDD including TRD, migraines, PTSD, and other neuro-psychiatric disorders.

Compound Name: BETR-002

Product Name: Dihydrohonokiol -B

Delivery: Oral Capsule

Description: A novel formulation of a derivative of dihydrohonokiol, a known anti-anxiety compound, with potential for treatment of benzodiazepine dependency, anxiety, and other neurological disorders. Its active pharmaceutical ingredient is dihydrohonokiol-B (“DHH-B”). DHH-B is a derivative of honokiol, which is the active anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) ingredient of magnolia bark extracts. Magnolia bark extracts have been used in traditional Chinese medicines for centuries as anxiolytic medication.

IP: Proprietary Formulation & Method of Use (Pending)

  • Filed IP (pending): Formulation

    BetterLife’s patented formulation improves bioavailability. Formulations covered include oral capsules, tablets, sublingual delivery, etc.

  • Filed IP (pending): Method of Use

    Filing covers treatment of anxiety, benzodiazepine dependency, other neurological disorders, etc.

Program Planning


Discovery Preclinical IND Phase I Phase II Phase III
Major Depressive Disorder BETR-001
Neuropathic Pain BETR-001
Cluster Headaches BETR-001
Benzodiazepine Dependency BETR-002

The unmet mental health footprint is immense. Our programs start and end with patients first, driving us for continuous solutions. We will expand our programs to address other indications, timely and progressively!

BetterLife also owns a drug candidate, for the treatment of viral infections such as COVID-19,
through its wholly owned subsidiary MedMelior.

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